Why We Need Page Speed Optimization?

More Visitors

Nobody likes a slower website. 43% of users leave the website if it gets delayed for more than 3 seconds. A faster website will ensure a better user experience, and customers will browse other website pages.

Better Ranking

Page load time is an essential search engine ranking factor. Faster websites lead to a higher rank in search results, which will, in return, attract more potential customers. Speed optimization is crucial for the overall performance of the website.

Maximize Profit

Page speed matters and a fast loading website can contribute for higher conversion rate.Website loading speed significantly affects conversion rate and 47% of consumers expect a website pages to load in less than 2 seconds.

WordPress Page Speed Optimization Package

WordPress Speed Optimization

$ 25
  • Install WP Rocket with a license
  • Plugin Inspection
  • Caching and Preloading
  • Delay JavaScript
  • Critical CSS Generation/Remove unused CSS
  • Fix conflict issues with the optimization plugin
  • Image Compression, Optimization (WebP) with Imagify

Our Clients' Websites Performance After The Speed Optimization

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